Webinar 1: June 20th, 2020
The Roots and Nature of the Syrian Revolution
Participants: Anand Gopal; Loubna Mrie, Yasser Munif
Weninar 2: June 27th, 2020
Imperialism, Anti-Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution
Participants: Lara el-Khateb, Ashley Smith, Yassin al Haj Saleh
Moderator: Sara Ajlyakin
July 5th
Webinar 3: Feminist Politics and the Syrian Revolution
Participants: Razan Ghazzawi; Maria al-Abdeh; Ziva Gorani
Moderator: Frieda Afary
July 8th
Webinar 4: From BLM to Palestine and Syria: The Politics of Revolutionary Solidarity
Participants: Khury Peterson-Smith, Banah Ghadbian, Mariam Barghouti, Robert Cuffy, Moderator/ discussant: Shireen Akram Boshar
July 11th
Webinar 5: How War Shapes Healthcare in Syria and the Region
Participants: Omar Dewachi, Ossama Tanous, Khuloud Saba, Aula Abbara
Moderator/discussant: Anthony Rizk
July 15th
Webinar 6: Capitalism and Class Struggle in Syria
Participants: Yassin al Haj Saleh, Myriam Ababsa, Jihad Yazigi, Samer Abboud
Moderator: Sara Dehkordi
July 19th
Webinar 7: From Syria to Mexico: The Fight for a World without Borders
Participants: Omar Dahi, Senay Ozden, Sana Mustafa,  Justin Akers-Chacon
Moderator: Sarah Hunaidi
July 22nd
Webinar 8: The Struggles for Kurdish Liberation in Syria and the Region
Participants: Ozlem Goner, Dlshad Othman, Kamran Matin
Moderator/discussant: Thomas Schmidinger
July 25th
Webinar 9: Syria and the Second Wave of Middle Eastern and North African Revolutions.
Participants: Gilbert Achcar; Sara Abbas, Joseph Daher Moderator: Danny Postel
July 29th
Webinar 10: Jailed Revolutionaries: Resistance to Assad’s Carceral State
Speakers: Rateb Sha’bo and Wafa Mustafa
Moderator: Yasser Munif
September 19th
Where Next for the Syrian Struggle
Participants: Ziad Majed, Karam Nachar, Marcell Shehwaro
Moderator/discussant: Wendy Pearlman

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